Steer Clear from Losing Loyal Customers for Life

Losing customers for lifeDepending on the situation, it’s easy to lose anything with just one move. You can lose your way with one wrong turn, lose your money on one game of blackjack, and lose your cool from one bad play by your favorite football team. Unfortunately, losing a loyal customer for life is just as easy when they endure one bad experience at your dealership, resulting in loss of sales and commission. Avoid these unnecessary ways to lose your loyal customers for life and put your powersports dealership back on the road to success.

You Make Yourself Difficult to Get in Contact With

Even though you’re working normal business hours, you should have multiple outlets for a customer to get in touch with you. Make sure the customers know your hours of availability and email address, create a contact form on your website, and even extend your support communications to social media. If you receive a notification while you’re off the clock or receive communication late in the evening, respond promptly and say you’ll be in touch with them during their earliest convenience.

Give a Robotic Response/Ignore Them When the Customer Isn’t Satisfied

Whether a customer isn’t happy with the final price or the amount of waiting they’re experiencing in the showroom, this is not the time to skimp on “being human.” People will not spend money with a dealership that makes them feel like they aren’t important. If you give your customers generic, robotic responses or simply become hard to find when they have questions, they will take their business to a dealership that can treat them the way they feel deserved. If they have already done business with you, be sure they have your personal email address and you make the effort to respond to their questions/requests promptly.

Keep Your Dealership Traditional

With today’s modern customer expecting to find everything they need at their fingertips, the dealership industry, as a whole, has been a little slow to meet the demands of these tech-savvy customers. That being said, it’s never too late, and actually crucial for your dealership, to shift your traditional dealership tactics to satisfy the modern customer. Be sure to have pictures of your available inventory online for customers to see before they come into your store and create social media pages to post new inventory to your followers. If possible, make your website an e-commerce website and give customers the option to accept a quote online and come into the store to finalize the paperwork. By implementing modern tactics into your dealership, you’ll show your customers you’re willing to change the way you do business to streamline the process for them.

Today’s customers are more unique than ever; don’t lose them over something you have control over. When your dealership loses a customer, it tarnishes more than your numbers; it can affect your confidence as a salesperson and, even worse, lead to less sales. Avoid these common customer turn-offs and enjoy the feeling of creating a customer for life!