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Our latest INsite system can integrate with most DMS and save valuable time & money.


Our INsite web-based platform is integrated with the most popular Dealer Management Systems (DNS). Your F&I staff will spend more time engaging with the consumer and less time entering information. Quick Quotes, Menus, and Contracts are all seamlessly created in one system.


The direct integration with your DMS and INsite’s intelligent quoting engine means that nearly 99.99% of submitted contracts will be underwritten as remitted. Getting it right the first time saves valuable time and eliminates the frustration of resubmitting due to errors and omissions.


There is no need to keep a separate F&I log with INsite. The integrated dashboard reports place real-time analytics at your fingertips. Inspect what you expect by measuring F&I performance on a daily basis. The first step in improvement is accurate measurements of your key performance identifiers.

Core Services

  • Quote

    INsite generates an instant quote for any applicable products based on the age, manufacturer, and mileage of the vehicle. The customization feature allows the rating defaults to be set by the dealer.

  • Menu

    The interactive menu is imbedded directly into our technology. There are no additional fees or linking concerns with the all-in-one INsite system. Users can calculate payments, verify OFAC, as well as print menus and waivers, all from the same screen. The system even records how often the menu is utilized in purchase presentations.

  • Contract

    There is no need to program your pritners. INsite generates all contracts on plain paper and digitally stores them for future retrieval. The system will even save the signed copy when coupled with the optional electronic signature pad.

  • Administrative

    INsite allows easy access to all of your administrative needs.

    • Business Management – create invoices, Remit Payments, e-Sign Documents
    • Claims – Initiate Claims, Confirm Auto Approvals, Check Claim Status
    • Reporting – Run Production Reports, Run Menu Reports, Share Reports wit Dealer Development