Meet the Interstate Family

From Automotive to Marine, our companies can provide you with the products and services you need to reach your goals.

Since 1980, Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS) has been a leading provider of service contract and extended warranty programs. Interstate continues to be a market leader by continually pioneering new technologies, exceeding expectations, and providing value to our partners and customers. From effective product design to competitive pricing, from professional marketing materials to responsive customer service, everybody wins with an Interstate program – dealers, financial institutions and consumers alike.

NWC has established a solid reputation for operating performance during the last 40 years. They specialize in financing and insurance (F&I) for the automobile industry by maximizing dealer F&I productivity, managing risk exposure and expanding reinsurance dollars. NWC’s success is directly linked to the ongoing growth and achievements of the dealerships that they serve.

RpmOne provides a complete suite of F&I related products and services while bringing superior products and technologies to market to help dealers maximize their profitability. RpmOne has developed and launched an upgraded service contract program with many unique features and benefits for dealers and their customers, in addition to its Priority Maintenance program.