Facebook Ad Funnel For Car Dealers

There’s a simple three part ad funnel for Facebook marketing. Utilizing these three pieces will help you target and retarget the consumers you want to reach and help optimize your conversions and costs on Facebook.

  1. Create Demand
  2. Drive Consideration
  3. Close The Deal

Let’s Create Some Demand:

At the top of the campaign funnel where dealers should be generating awareness and demand for your dealership it’s recommended to utilize an inexpensive ad type like a short video ad to capture consumer awareness and interest. This ad will keep the user engaged inside Facebook (they love this!), but will help your campaign segment in further to those consumers who are engaged with your dealership.

A couple comments for your video ad… nothing over produced. Statistics show that regular smartphone videos do as well or better than “studio” quality video ads. It still has to look and sound good but you don’t need to contract a production company to shoot every week. A tripod mount and a lavaliere microphone should suffice. Shoot on a cloudy day outdoors for the best soft lighting conditions. Showcase a new car on the lot, any special, event incentives or unique features at your dealership.

Now Drive Consideration:

Utilize the video ad to capture interested consumers but then create inventory ads to re-target these consumers. This will efficiently reach your audience in a cost effective manner. In most cases can hook your DMS inventory up to Facebook so it automatically updates daily. You can do it manually but that’s not recommended.

Further target those consumers looking at your inventory with ads pushing them to come in for a showroom visit and test drive. The best ad type to utilize is the Carousel Ad. Facebook will pull from your inventory and dynamically show the best inventory to each consumer based on their previous click history.

Close The Deal:

You’ve got the consumer’s attention now. They should be ready to fill out a Lead Ad now. The good thing about Lead Ads on Facebook is that they are prefilled forms based on what Facebook already knows about the consumer. This means people can submit their contact information accurately and fast—which makes for efficient mobile lead generation. You can also add in custom questions if you need additional information to help complete the lead for your CRM.

One more thing… make sure you install a Facebook tracking pixel on your website. This way consumers who visit your website can be better targeted within Facebook for maximum results.

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