Dealers Optimize Your Google Campaign Keywords For The Right Consumer Moments

Google classifies car shopping and into five basic structures.

  1. Which Car Is Best?
  2. Which Is Right For Me?
  3. Can I Afford It?
  4. Where Should I Buy It?
  5. Am I Getting A Good Deal?

In the Which Car Is Best phase the shoppers are unsure of what make or model they want to purchase. As a dealer, this isn’t part of the buying funnel you want to advertise in. The manufacturer websites are typically going to be competing for these shoppers. Example searches might be something like “what’s the best minivan,” “best SUV for families with two car seats and dog” or “safest four door sedan.” Additional example keywords that customers use during this phase are fairly generic terms like are 2018 Ford, Buick Encore Review, and New Jeep Wrangler.

The next phase of Which Is Right For Me is also an area best left to manufacturers. However, if your dealer website has a large amount of educational information you could reach consumers at this point of the process. Shoppers at this point are narrowing down which models or categories of vehicles they like and are shoppers determine what equipment options and vehicle configurations will work for their needs. Shoppers might be searching for a list of features, such third row seating or all wheel drive to ensure the car fits their needs. Also general searches like New Lincoln MKZ or Volkswagen Golf MPG will occur during this phase of the customer’s buying process.

The Can I Afford It phase is where most dealers should get involved. The customer is in that critical “Ready To Purchase” phase and dealers need to be found easily. Typical searches done by the customer at this point might be Honda Civic Price, Toyota Sequoia Lease or Ford Explorer Invoice Price. Tailor your ad campaigns to showcase or land the customer on your inventory pages so once they land on your website they are engaged with the content that is going to interest them most.

The Where Should I Buy It phase is very exciting for dealers as they are looking to find a store to shop at, do a test drive and potentially buy their vehicle. Typical searches that you will want to target are Ford Explorer Test Drives, Audi Dealers Near Me, Best Chevrolet Car Dealer.

Lastly, most consumers want to make sure they are getting a good deal. So in the Am I Getting A Good Deal phase dealers will want to target searches such as KIA Sportage Incentives, Ford Explorer Deals, Chevy Tahoe Discounts.

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