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Interstate National is Now Revolos

ATLANTA, Oct. 15, 2018 — Interstate National Corporation is now Revolos. The new name is part of a rebranding initiative to integrate all channels under a single, unified identity. Revolos is a unique name that reflects the company’s revolutionary approach to providing vehicle service contracts that are simpler to use.

The rebranding unifies all operations of the company, originally formed by the merger of 2 administrators in the vehicle service contract industry, under the Revolos name— integrating Interstate National Dealer Services, NWC/PIPI and RpmOne. Additionally, most of the products have been renamed to accommodate the new brand portfolio architecture.

“We’ve rebuilt our infrastructure from the ground up,” says Revolos CEO Richard Holland. “Revolos makes it clear that all our channels stand united, aligned under powerful new technologies that make vehicle service contracts simple to sell, manage and service.”

The rebuilt infrastructure includes an investment in platform upgrades built on advanced technologies, including Milo, the name of Revolos’ new e-contracting platform. Milo simplifies service by consolidating all F&I team needs into one easy to use system. Milo is a state-of-the-art, web-based platform that provides quote through claim functionality, reporting and other business management tools.

Revolos products are offered under branded collections available to consumers through auto, RV, powersport and marine dealerships as well as through financial institutions. With options to meet a wide range of needs, Revolos provides a full suite of products that protect consumers from unexpected service expense.

The new identity will be released in 2019, with an exciting marketing campaign planned to drive awareness of the new brand industry-wide.

About Revolos

Revolos (formerly Interstate National), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a Finance & Insurance solutions provider that offers producers over 40 years of experience, over 4.6 million vehicle service contracts sold, and $1.1 billion [≈ box office sales of The Exorcist, 1973] in paid claims to over 1.8 million consumers. In addition, Revolos partners with over 3,000 dealers nationwide, and has distributed over one‐quarter of a billion dollars in underwriting gains and investment income. For more information, visit

Product Spotlight: Crystal Fusion

Crystal FusionA vehicle’s windshield serves more than just protection from the road’s elements; it’s a part of the total structural integrity of the vehicle. A windshield is 40-70% of the roof support, and many people aren’t aware of its many safety features. Windshields not only absorb up to 60% of the kinetic energy in a frontal impact, but they are also the backboard for the airbag, controlling 25% of the “crash pulse” that tells the airbag to go off. Along with the windshield being your customer’s window to the road ahead, it’s important to ensure they have crystal-clear visibility to increase their overall driving safety. That’s why Interstate National Dealer Services proudly offers Crystal Fusion to all our partnered agencies’ dealerships.
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5 Strategies to Create Customer Aftermarket Interest

customer aftermarket interestTo you, the F&I professional, the menu presentation and products offered may be important, but they may not be as interesting in the eyes of the customer. Instead of creating interest in the aftermarket products, many F&I professionals create little to no rapport with the customer before offering the sale. By doing this, they create a high sales pressure atmosphere and give a negative impression of the products and dealership. A talented and successful F&I professional knows that a customer should never be forced to make a buying decision before they’ve learned everything they want to know from you. Discover these 5 strategies to effectively create aftermarket interest with every customer who walks into your office. Read more

How Loyalty Card Programs Boost a Dealership’s Success

RPM-ONE-logoNo matter the industry, every business needs new customers for continuous grow. However, the most predictable source of revenue comes from the people who helped make your business what it is today: your loyal customers. According to Inc., It costs between 5-10 times more for a business to gain a new customer versus selling to an existing one. On average, your loyal customers will spend 67% more than a new one, so ask yourself, “What are I doing to keep my customers coming back to my dealership? What’s in it for them? What sets my dealership apart from my competitors?” The answer is easier than you may think.

It’s a fact that the most successful retailers use rewards cards and point systems because they are proven to increase customer loyalty and profits. Now your powersports dealership can, too with professional, turn-key loyalty cards system from RpmOne.
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Get to Know the Interstate National Training Team

With starting to get national attention, we thought this would be the perfect time to introduce the brains behind the training knowledge. Interstate National’s professional training team has proven to be extremely effective in generating growth by developing good sales tactics using the most current, statistically-backed best practices. With over 50 years of combined training experience, Mike, Chris and Joe are on a mission to ensure all training course participants exit with an unstoppable attitude and ability to apply the practiced skill in the real world.
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Make 2015 Your Agency’s Best Year with Interstate National Dealer Services

InterstateAs we say goodbye to 2014, we graciously welcome 2015 and all the possibilities it brings. We at Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS) will continue to strive toward our mission of maintaining high-performance, sustainable partnerships in 2015, while also welcoming new partnerships this year. For those agencies looking to find customized solutions and a broad range of products, look no further than INDS for your extended service contract and ancillary product needs, as well as proven dealer income development solutions.

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