Steer Clear from Losing Loyal Customers for Life

Losing customers for lifeDepending on the situation, it’s easy to lose anything with just one move. You can lose your way with one wrong turn, lose your money on one game of blackjack, and lose your cool from one bad play by your favorite football team. Unfortunately, losing a loyal customer for life is just as easy when they endure one bad experience at your dealership, resulting in loss of sales and commission. Avoid these unnecessary ways to lose your loyal customers for life and put your powersports dealership back on the road to success.
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How Customer Engagement Increases Aftermarket Product Interest

How Customer Engagement Increases Aftermarket Product InterestAs human beings, naturally, we would rather choose our own preferences instead of being told what we need. Because of this, it makes sense why customers prefer to buy something they want/need versus being sold. A great way to introduce an aftermarket product/service into the customer’s lives is getting the customer involved and hands-on with the F&I presentation. Today’s world of smartphones, tablets and voice-activated cars leave many consumers in demand to live in a complete tech world. It’s no wonder why customers become disengaged while watching your paper menu presentation of aftermarket products. Nowadays, this traditional presentation looks dated, and it’s simply not effective to today’s customer.

What’s the F&I industry to do? Luckily, there is good news for you! There are a plethora of modern platforms available on the market to affectedly increase customer interest when presented F&I products.
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Digital F&I: 2016 is the Year to Adapt

Digital F&IThis past year, more than ever, technology influences for F&I practices have never been so strong. Since the rise of the Internet in the early 1990s, the industry has adopted e-contracting, e-rating, and e-menus as every day F&I processes to speed up customer delivery. Many F&I services are moving 100% online including, but not limited to, applying for credit, find a vehicle quote, get finance/lease rates, compare trade-in values and purchase aftermarket products. The bottom line is that the there’s no time like the present to incorporate digital F&I practices into your dealership.
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Building Your Agency for 2016

Building Your Agency for the FutureBeing an agent today isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. Franchise dealers declined almost 24% during 2000-2007. The local Mom and Pop car dealership that was once the backbone of independent agents has been falling by the wayside, and unfortunately this trend is speeding up. Today, dealers are facing new challenges and are far more complex than ever, and their need for outside help is greater than ever.
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6 Ways to Help Your Dealers Sell More in 2016

6 Ways to Help Your Dealers Sell More in 2016With 2016 only weeks away, you’re probably looking for creative ways to ensure 2016 is your best year yet. Since revenue will always be a huge marker of success, another goal of yours should be to find new ways to help your dealers and F&I managers turn obstacles into more product sales. As an agent, it’s you job to offer guidance when needed and think outside the box to make every dealer successful. To get your “professional” New Year’s resolution started, below are six surefire ways to help your dealers sell more in 2016.
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Perfect Your Dealer’s Digital Marketing for 2016

Perfect Your Dealer’s Digital Marketing for 2016The National Automobile Dealers Association claims that sales of new vehicles will hit a record high of 17.6 million in sales in 2016. With these projections in mind, it’s impeccable that your operation is prepared to reach these record sales. A good first step toward preparing your dealership for the New Year is in your digital marketing strategy. If the terms “pay-per-click,” “click-through-rate” and “cost-per-click” are a foreign language to you, don’t be thrown off by them! Follow these principles in building your digital marketing foundation to make the most out of your digital marketing in 2016!
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Help Customers Survive Holiday Shopping at Your Dealership

10_15Even though the “most wonderful time of the year” is only weeks away, many people dread this season more than a trip to the dentist. The impatient shopping crowds, countless calorie-packed parties and endless spending on gifts are all factors that go against the whimsical Christmas spirit during the holiday season. Needless to say, the Holiday shopping season can be hectic for even the jolliest of people, no matter what they’re searching for. Read more

Get Your Powersports Dealership Ready for the Holiday Season

Get Your Powersports Dealership Ready for the Holiday SeasonWith Halloween quickly approaching, we all know what big holidays precede after October. We’ll be carving the Thanksgiving turkey before we know it, and then comes the joyful Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year season. Since the busy selling season is only weeks away, now is the time to plan your dealership’s marketing strategy to get customers in your dealership to spend their holiday bucks with you.
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Selling vs Celling: How to Keep Customers Coming to You for F&I Information

Selling vs Celling: How to Keep Customers Coming to You for F&I InformationToday’s F&I professionals are faced with new challenges with regards to their dealership’s F&I process. With the acceleration of modern technology, customers now have instant access to limitless amounts of information directly to their smartphone, many customers trust their own research findings over a professional’s word. “Showrooming” is the term for when customers are comparing rates and inventory of multiple dealerships while in the dealer’s showroom.
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Onsite vs Online Training: Which is More Effective?

onsite vs online trainingSince the dot-com bubble, every service and product industry has worked vigorously to integrate the World Wide Web into their business. Thanks to the Internet, training programs (such as F&I certification) have been able to broaden their student base to those who are limited on time. Although it seems as if the Internet has solved the “inconvenience” factor for us, there have been arguments against online training that say it seems like a good idea but it’s not as effective as being in the classroom. In this post, we will weigh the pros and cons of onsite and online training and help you decide which method of training is best for your lifestyle.
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