Steer Clear from Losing Loyal Customers for Life

Losing customers for lifeDepending on the situation, it’s easy to lose anything with just one move. You can lose your way with one wrong turn, lose your money on one game of blackjack, and lose your cool from one bad play by your favorite football team. Unfortunately, losing a loyal customer for life is just as easy when they endure one bad experience at your dealership, resulting in loss of sales and commission. Avoid these unnecessary ways to lose your loyal customers for life and put your powersports dealership back on the road to success.
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Launch a New F&I Culture at Your Powersports Dealership for 2016

1_11With 2016 in full swing, now is the time to implement your business plan for maximum profitability. One of the most essential contributors of your powersports dealership’s success is the F&I department. To ensure success in this important sector of your dealership, don’t simply think of F&I as another department. This year, consider establishing a culture of F&I throughout your entire dealership.
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Last Minute Holiday Season Promotions Through Social Media


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With all of this holiday cheer in the air, now is the best time to start promoting your powersport dealership’s upcoming holiday sales and events. If your dealership isn’t utilizing the power of social media, now would be the best time to start! With e-commerce growing substantially each year, especially this time of year, online sales are expected to show an 8-9 percent increase compared to last year’s holiday shopping frenzy. It’s crucial to use your social media sites to capture holiday buyers for sales. Below are some of the most popular social media platforms with step-by-step explanations on how to use each one to spread the word about your dealership promotions the jolliest way possible! Read more

Reshape the Customer Experience at Your Dealership Before 2016

Reshape the Customer Experience at Your Dealership Before 2016With the holiday selling season only weeks away, now is the best time to perfect and redesign your showroom environment to enhance customer experience. Below are five surefire ways to reshape the buying experience at your dealership.
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Get Your Powersports Dealership Ready for the Holiday Season

Get Your Powersports Dealership Ready for the Holiday SeasonWith Halloween quickly approaching, we all know what big holidays precede after October. We’ll be carving the Thanksgiving turkey before we know it, and then comes the joyful Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year season. Since the busy selling season is only weeks away, now is the time to plan your dealership’s marketing strategy to get customers in your dealership to spend their holiday bucks with you.
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Ramp Up Sales with Visual Merchandising

powersports visual merchandisingVisual merchandising is defined as, “the activity and profession of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales.” Factors such as floor planning, branding, lighting and visual displays all play a role in seamlessly leading customers all the way through the showroom. All of your merchandising elements need to work together for your powersports dealership to successfully sell more products. Retailers create sales by incorporating attention-grabbing colors, brand images and products and grouping them into a memorable visual experience. The products displayed don’t necessarily have to be different or cheap to sell; they just have to be presented well.
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10 Ways to Increase Powersport Dealership Service Department Profits

rpmone powersportsAlthough exceptional customer service is a great start, the best and easiest way to have a customer keep coming back to your dealership is by offering outstanding service at your service department. It’s a fact that revenue from the service department combined with vehicle sales are a part of a successful dealership, and if sales are down the service department’s profits can aid in your dealership’s profits. Below are ten surefire ways to increase the profits at your powersport dealership’s service department. Read more

3 Cases Studies of RpmOne’s Business Development Assessment

rpmone BDAThis year, RpmOne’s Business Development Assessment (BDA) was named one of the 2015 Nifty 50 winners. The Nifty 50 is an annual contest presented by Powersports Business magazine that recognizes the best products and services available in the powersports industry that help powersports dealers succeed in 2015. The winners are selected by editors from Powersports Business, as well as its sister consumer magazines in the powersports industry.

RpmOne’s BDA provides an in-depth analysis of the sales and F&I departments to dealership management. The BDA identifies and recommends solutions in the areas of personnel, training, compensation, systems and controls and management support. At the end of the assessment, the dealership will then receive a specific blue print for increased performance and profitability. The assessment includes a camera-recorded mystery shop of the dealership by industry experts, deal jacket audits, and more.
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Prepare Your Powersports Dealership for Selling Season

Prepare_for_SpringIt’s that time of year where there’s something strange in the air, and it isn’t just pollen. Spring break, spring weddings and spring getaways are all tied to the infamous “Spring Fever,” and now is the time people want to get outside to enjoy the long-overdue warm weather. This is also the season where many powersports owners will dust off their summer toys or plan to visit a dealership to purchase some new ones. It’s time to prepare up your dealership for selling season and take it to the next level this year for your customers. Below are some guidelines on how to prepare your powersports dealership for your most successful selling season yet.**
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Renovate Your Powersports Dealership with the RpmOne IQ System

iq_logoWhen your dealership is moving at the speed of light, it can be difficult to keep track of new product updates and changes. Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically receive these updates while ensuring accurate rates are being applied to your current customers? With the RpmOne IQ System, you can revolutionize the way you do business and experience lowered administrative costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved sales volumes and significant improvements in dealership profitability!
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