How Your Dealers Can Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Negotiating

How Your Dealers Can Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in NegotiatingAs an agent, it’s up to you to ensure your dealerships’ sales teams are 100% confident in their sales approach to customers. Too many times there have been situations where a customer has given a firm commitment to purchase, and yet the sales team will have lost the deal once the paperwork is pulled out and the negotiating begins. No sales team is perfect, but there are ways to work around the three most common and costliest mistakes they can make while working a deal.
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Building Your Agency for 2016

Building Your Agency for the FutureBeing an agent today isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. Franchise dealers declined almost 24% during 2000-2007. The local Mom and Pop car dealership that was once the backbone of independent agents has been falling by the wayside, and unfortunately this trend is speeding up. Today, dealers are facing new challenges and are far more complex than ever, and their need for outside help is greater than ever.
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6 Ways to Help Your Dealers Sell More in 2016

6 Ways to Help Your Dealers Sell More in 2016With 2016 only weeks away, you’re probably looking for creative ways to ensure 2016 is your best year yet. Since revenue will always be a huge marker of success, another goal of yours should be to find new ways to help your dealers and F&I managers turn obstacles into more product sales. As an agent, it’s you job to offer guidance when needed and think outside the box to make every dealer successful. To get your “professional” New Year’s resolution started, below are six surefire ways to help your dealers sell more in 2016.
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The Best of Both Worlds: Bridging the Salespeople Generation Gap

11_19Tension between generations is very prominent in our society, especially in the workplace. In virtually every dealership, there always seems to be an internal battle between seasoned salespeople who are accustomed to sales boards and persistent closing skills and the tech-savvy “newbies” who only know non-aggressive sales tactics and email-quoting. Read more

Your Dealers Need to Think Like a Customer

Your Dealers Need to Think Like a CustomerIt’s a fact that successful company leaders have a crystal-clear understanding of their customers. After all, it’s the basis of why a company even exists; it’s the base of a company’s vision and strategy. If you could listen to your customers, they hold the key for everything you need to know to offer the best products and services to grow a successful business.
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Close Your Next F&I Sale Simply With Confidence

Close Your Next F&I Sale With Confidence In not only the F&I industry, but in any industry involving sales, the best quality of a salesperson is a keen sense of confidence. When someone believes in his/her own product, the potential customer can sense their belief in the product and more easily visualize using it in their life. When it comes to F&I products, your confidence has to be top notch to convince even the most skeptical customers. Below are key elements to consider when closing with confidence.
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Overcoming 3 Common Objections for Vehicle Service Contracts

dealer_3If you think about it, F&I managers make their money on turning the word “no” into a “yes,” seeing how most dealership customers enter the F&I offices prepared to deny any additional coverage. The most successful F&I managers understand that most objections are an indication that the customer doesn’t believe he or she needs the product or the value surpasses the cost.
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