Dealers Optimize Your Google Campaign Keywords For The Right Consumer Moments

Google classifies car shopping and into five basic structures.

  1. Which Car Is Best?
  2. Which Is Right For Me?
  3. Can I Afford It?
  4. Where Should I Buy It?
  5. Am I Getting A Good Deal?

In the Which Car Is Best phase the shoppers are unsure of what make or model they want to purchase. As a dealer, this isn’t part of the buying funnel you want to advertise in. The manufacturer websites are typically going to be competing for these shoppers. Example searches might be something like “what’s the best minivan,” “best SUV for families with two car seats and dog” or “safest four door sedan.” Additional example keywords that customers use during this phase are fairly generic terms like are 2018 Ford, Buick Encore Review, and New Jeep Wrangler.

Facebook Ad Funnel For Car Dealers

There’s a simple three part ad funnel for Facebook marketing. Utilizing these three pieces will help you target and retarget the consumers you want to reach and help optimize your conversions and costs on Facebook.

  1. Create Demand
  2. Drive Consideration
  3. Close The Deal

Let’s Create Some Demand:

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What Should My Car Dealer Be Spending On Facebook Advertising?

So while Facebook has been taking some heat lately over data sharing issues, it’s not going away. In fact Google and Facebook’s advertising are growing quickly (+103%!) at the expense of other digital platforms. They have the largest audiences and in a world of limited time and resources advertisers can only manage so many locations. The inevitable duopoly of Google and Facebook controlling content and advertising audiences is here to stay for a while so if you’re not on Facebook now, you should be.

According to NADA the average dealer spends about $64,000 per month on all advertising. Depending on your market, you should be spending at least half of that now in digital advertising (latest Google stats say 45%-75% should be digital).
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Car Dealers Are You Advertising On Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram now account for 20% of all mobile phone usage. In a world where American consumers spend about five hours a day on their smartphones, this equates to about an hour a day on two of Facebook’s products! This is a great opportunity for auto dealers (as well as RV and powersports centers) who are moving their advertising budgets to online spend and maybe only doing Google search ads right now.