3 Cases Studies of RpmOne’s Business Development Assessment

rpmone BDAThis year, RpmOne’s Business Development Assessment (BDA) was named one of the 2015 Nifty 50 winners. The Nifty 50 is an annual contest presented by Powersports Business magazine that recognizes the best products and services available in the powersports industry that help powersports dealers succeed in 2015. The winners are selected by editors from Powersports Business, as well as its sister consumer magazines in the powersports industry.

RpmOne’s BDA provides an in-depth analysis of the sales and F&I departments to dealership management. The BDA identifies and recommends solutions in the areas of personnel, training, compensation, systems and controls and management support. At the end of the assessment, the dealership will then receive a specific blue print for increased performance and profitability. The assessment includes a camera-recorded mystery shop of the dealership by industry experts, deal jacket audits, and more.
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4 Essential Steps to Increase a Dealership’s F&I Sales

increase_F&I_salesAs an F&I professional, you’re well aware that aftermarket products can help your dealership(s) bring in additional revenue per purchase. It’s no wonder why dealers and agents are so anxious to find more ways to enhance their F&I sales process. While some of these procedures below may sound like common sense, if they’re not clearly defined, planned and implemented, you could be missing out on potential aftermarket sales. Read more

Overcoming 3 Common Objections for Vehicle Service Contracts

dealer_3If you think about it, F&I managers make their money on turning the word “no” into a “yes,” seeing how most dealership customers enter the F&I offices prepared to deny any additional coverage. The most successful F&I managers understand that most objections are an indication that the customer doesn’t believe he or she needs the product or the value surpasses the cost.
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Prepare Your Powersports Dealership for Selling Season

Prepare_for_SpringIt’s that time of year where there’s something strange in the air, and it isn’t just pollen. Spring break, spring weddings and spring getaways are all tied to the infamous “Spring Fever,” and now is the time people want to get outside to enjoy the long-overdue warm weather. This is also the season where many powersports owners will dust off their summer toys or plan to visit a dealership to purchase some new ones. It’s time to prepare up your dealership for selling season and take it to the next level this year for your customers. Below are some guidelines on how to prepare your powersports dealership for your most successful selling season yet.**
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Renovate Your Powersports Dealership with the RpmOne IQ System

iq_logoWhen your dealership is moving at the speed of light, it can be difficult to keep track of new product updates and changes. Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically receive these updates while ensuring accurate rates are being applied to your current customers? With the RpmOne IQ System, you can revolutionize the way you do business and experience lowered administrative costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved sales volumes and significant improvements in dealership profitability!
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Master Your VSC and Extended Warranty Selling Skills for RV, Marine and Powersports Owners

Spring is in the air, which means it’s prime season for customers to start shopping for new summer toys. We’re not talking about a new bucket and shovel set to make sand castles; we’re taking about motorcycle dealershipwatercrafts, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs. These major investments will get plenty of use this summer, and it would be very unfortunate if the owners weren’t able to enjoy their new purchases to the fullest due to an unexpected breakdown and high repair costs. With a service contract or extended warranty coverage, these repair bills can be easily avoided and the customer can get back to enjoying their summer in no time. Follow these helpful tips below when upselling an extended service contract or VSC to your RV, marine and powersports customers.
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How Loyalty Card Programs Boost a Dealership’s Success

RPM-ONE-logoNo matter the industry, every business needs new customers for continuous grow. However, the most predictable source of revenue comes from the people who helped make your business what it is today: your loyal customers. According to Inc., It costs between 5-10 times more for a business to gain a new customer versus selling to an existing one. On average, your loyal customers will spend 67% more than a new one, so ask yourself, “What are I doing to keep my customers coming back to my dealership? What’s in it for them? What sets my dealership apart from my competitors?” The answer is easier than you may think.

It’s a fact that the most successful retailers use rewards cards and point systems because they are proven to increase customer loyalty and profits. Now your powersports dealership can, too with professional, turn-key loyalty cards system from RpmOne.
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Get to Know the Interstate National Training Team

With InterstateTraining.com starting to get national attention, we thought this would be the perfect time to introduce the brains behind the training knowledge. Interstate National’s professional training team has proven to be extremely effective in generating growth by developing good sales tactics using the most current, statistically-backed best practices. With over 50 years of combined training experience, Mike, Chris and Joe are on a mission to ensure all training course participants exit with an unstoppable attitude and ability to apply the practiced skill in the real world.
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Ancillary Products: A Dealership’s Bottom Line Booster

featured_27Have you even gone to a doctor’s appointment and been asked, “Let’s take a look at those ancillaries, shall we?” Well, maybe you haven’t been asked that EXACT question, but you probably didn’t know you were asked something similar. Instead of ancillaries, your doctor wanted to check your temperature, blood pressure or reflexes. Now, picture this same scenario for your customers’ vehicles. The mechanic would check the condition of the windshield, tires and exterior. Some people don’t think this kind of inspection is vital to their vehicle’s general condition. However, if these components go a long time without the proper attention, it could lead to costly repairs that insurance companies won’t cover. People can purchase coverage for these sectors in the form of an ancillary to protect their vehicle and wallet in the long run. In this article, we will show you why ancillaries will boost your dealership’s bottom line and the best practices of selling them during a signing.
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Streamline Your Business Operations with INsite



In an industry known for its heavy amount of paperwork, it’s been difficult for any dealership to become more technology-based. Dealerships know there is a better way to conduct business, but there hasn’t been any easy way to transfer into a paperless resolution. Luckily, Interstate National has created the perfect paperless solution for the modern dealership. Our latest INsite system will simplify any dealership’s business operations and change the industry as we know it.

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