Get Your Powersports Dealership Ready for the Holiday Season

Get Your Powersports Dealership Ready for the Holiday SeasonWith Halloween quickly approaching, we all know what big holidays precede after October. We’ll be carving the Thanksgiving turkey before we know it, and then comes the joyful Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year season. Since the busy selling season is only weeks away, now is the time to plan your dealership’s marketing strategy to get customers in your dealership to spend their holiday bucks with you.
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Selling vs Celling: How to Keep Customers Coming to You for F&I Information

Selling vs Celling: How to Keep Customers Coming to You for F&I InformationToday’s F&I professionals are faced with new challenges with regards to their dealership’s F&I process. With the acceleration of modern technology, customers now have instant access to limitless amounts of information directly to their smartphone, many customers trust their own research findings over a professional’s word. “Showrooming” is the term for when customers are comparing rates and inventory of multiple dealerships while in the dealer’s showroom.
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Product Spotlight: Crystal Fusion

Crystal FusionA vehicle’s windshield serves more than just protection from the road’s elements; it’s a part of the total structural integrity of the vehicle. A windshield is 40-70% of the roof support, and many people aren’t aware of its many safety features. Windshields not only absorb up to 60% of the kinetic energy in a frontal impact, but they are also the backboard for the airbag, controlling 25% of the “crash pulse” that tells the airbag to go off. Along with the windshield being your customer’s window to the road ahead, it’s important to ensure they have crystal-clear visibility to increase their overall driving safety. That’s why Interstate National Dealer Services proudly offers Crystal Fusion to all our partnered agencies’ dealerships.
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Onsite vs Online Training: Which is More Effective?

onsite vs online trainingSince the dot-com bubble, every service and product industry has worked vigorously to integrate the World Wide Web into their business. Thanks to the Internet, training programs (such as F&I certification) have been able to broaden their student base to those who are limited on time. Although it seems as if the Internet has solved the “inconvenience” factor for us, there have been arguments against online training that say it seems like a good idea but it’s not as effective as being in the classroom. In this post, we will weigh the pros and cons of onsite and online training and help you decide which method of training is best for your lifestyle.
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Close Your Next F&I Sale Simply With Confidence

Close Your Next F&I Sale With Confidence In not only the F&I industry, but in any industry involving sales, the best quality of a salesperson is a keen sense of confidence. When someone believes in his/her own product, the potential customer can sense their belief in the product and more easily visualize using it in their life. When it comes to F&I products, your confidence has to be top notch to convince even the most skeptical customers. Below are key elements to consider when closing with confidence.
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Ramp Up Sales with Visual Merchandising

powersports visual merchandisingVisual merchandising is defined as, “the activity and profession of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales.” Factors such as floor planning, branding, lighting and visual displays all play a role in seamlessly leading customers all the way through the showroom. All of your merchandising elements need to work together for your powersports dealership to successfully sell more products. Retailers create sales by incorporating attention-grabbing colors, brand images and products and grouping them into a memorable visual experience. The products displayed don’t necessarily have to be different or cheap to sell; they just have to be presented well.
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5 MORE Strategies to Create Customer Aftermarket Interest

7_22Last week, we shared the first five strategies to creating customer interest in aftermarket solutions. The wait is officially over to learn the next five steps to peaking a customer’s interest in the F&I showroom! Read more

5 Strategies to Create Customer Aftermarket Interest

customer aftermarket interestTo you, the F&I professional, the menu presentation and products offered may be important, but they may not be as interesting in the eyes of the customer. Instead of creating interest in the aftermarket products, many F&I professionals create little to no rapport with the customer before offering the sale. By doing this, they create a high sales pressure atmosphere and give a negative impression of the products and dealership. A talented and successful F&I professional knows that a customer should never be forced to make a buying decision before they’ve learned everything they want to know from you. Discover these 5 strategies to effectively create aftermarket interest with every customer who walks into your office. Read more

10 Ways to Increase Powersport Dealership Service Department Profits

rpmone powersportsAlthough exceptional customer service is a great start, the best and easiest way to have a customer keep coming back to your dealership is by offering outstanding service at your service department. It’s a fact that revenue from the service department combined with vehicle sales are a part of a successful dealership, and if sales are down the service department’s profits can aid in your dealership’s profits. Below are ten surefire ways to increase the profits at your powersport dealership’s service department. Read more

Maximize Your Time in the F&I Showroom

maximize your time in the F&I roomFour and a half hours. That’s the average amount of time a consumer will spend on purchasing a new vehicle from start to finish. If you think this is way too long, you’re among most of the customers who actually go through this process.

Why does this process last so long? In most cases, the car-buying process is lengthy well before the F&I manager is ever involved. It’s been estimated that 80% of the time, the sales team is the biggest time-contributing factor, since some required information is left out of the deal when it goes to the business office. This leads the F&I manager spending too much time getting information and correcting the paperwork before they can even begin their presentation.

Follow these tips below to maximize your time in the F&I showroom while also saving the customer time and improving their overall experience at your dealership.
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