We achieve our goals only when our customers achieve theirs.

Our team’s passion for service excellence will only stop when our customer’s peace of mind is achieved.

At Interstate National, we sell an intangible product. We provide and sell the feeling of strength and stability – we call it peace of mind. The peace of mind that travels along with you and your family in your well seasoned travel trailer, the peace of mind guiding you down the road in your shiny, new convertible, the peace of mind on the water that keeps your hopes afloat.

At Interstate National, we have over 35 years of service excellence providing all forms of F&I products and services for all walks of life and every vehicle that takes you there.


Experience has taught us that success in our industry is not as product based as it is process based. We firmly believe customer experience is the most important factor that separates us from the competition. As a result, we invest in the success of our partners through regional and on-site training events, on-demand learning and live webinars. Our process promotes the specific human factors that make our products resonate with the consumer.


We have invested heavily in our INsite sales system. Our state-of-the-art, web-based platform is capable of managing product delivery quote through claim. We have engineered this system to focus on sales progression while eliminating common burdens of the administrative process. The intuitive features expedite the sales process, while giving stakeholders the ability to monitor product penetration.


First and foremost, our products are designed to deliver consumer value. Our products are developed to provide the highest level of partnership satisfaction by providing long-term sustainability and profitability. As evidence, we maintain an A+ status with the Better Business Bureau.

Every tool our partners need provides abundant resources and significant profits – valuable dividends by any definition.